søndag 7. januar 2018

Epiphany:The Three Kings

Epifani - Heilage tre kongers dag, og juletida er dermed over.

George Mackay Brown (1921-96) har skreve eit "Epiphany carol" tonesatt av Pete Seeger. Det
er med på å gjera bodskapen dagsaktuell.

They`re looking for what, the three kings,
Beyond their border?
A new kingdom, peace and truth and love,
Justice and order.

One was black and one was brown
And one was yellow.
A star crooked its jewelled finger.
The three kings follow .

How did they fare, the three kings ?
Where did they dine ?
They lived on a crust or two
And sour wine.

One was yellow one was black
And one was brown.
They passed a scorched and rutted plain
And a broken town.

Whom did they meet, the three kings,
Among the thorns ?
Herod`s captains hunting
With dogs and horns.

One was brown and one was yellow
And one was black.
Here`s what they found, a refugee bairn
wrapped in a sack.

What did they do, the three kings ,
When they got home ?
In Vietnam, Rhodesia, Kashmir, troubled they bide
Till the Kingdom come.

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