mandag 9. august 2021


 Frå diktsamlinga "The Wild Iris" av nobelprisvinnaren Louise Gluck er denne vakre "Lullaby":

Time to rest; you have had

enough excitement for the time being.

Twilight, then early evening. Fireflies

in the room, flickering here and there, here and there,

and summer`s deep sweetness filling the open window.

Don`t think of these things anymore.

Listen to my breathing, your own breathing

like the fireflies, each small breath

a flare in which the world appears.

I`ve sung to you long enough in the summer night.

I`ll win you over in the end; the world can`t give you

this sustained vision.

You must be taught to love me. Human beings must be

      taught to love

silence and darkness.

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